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Making wine at Johanneshof Reinisch is a family business which is now in its fourth generation. On this page, let us introduce you to the people who work hard to ensure the care of our vineyards, the quality of our wines, the satisfaction of our customers and the enjoyment of our guests at the Heurigen at Johanneshof Reinisch.

Hans Reinisch

Hans ReinischHe made the plans to move the wine estate out of the village of Tattendorf and into the vineyards over 15 years ago, and in doing so he laid the foundation for the creation of the highest-quality wines. In keeping with his nature and with tradition, he was involved in all aspects of the business, from the acquisition of the vineyard lots to the breeding of the grapevines to the actual winemaking and presentation of the wines. (1952-2009)

Veronika Reinisch

Veronika ReinischShe organizes the administration of the wine estate with a soft but firm hand, and also cares for the tasty and thus adequate culinary accompaniment for the Reinisch wines at the Heurigen. Her only involvement in vineyard work and the winemaking process is an occasional word to the male vintner-crew on what’s good and right.

Johannes Reinisch

The eldest of the “young generation” at Johanneshof Reinisch has been working as a winemaker for a good ten years now, and together with Hans Reinisch he has developed the Grandes Reserves series. Johannes Reinisch has been able to gather lots of practical experience at numerous wine estates abroad, and his uncompromising eye to quality and his natural style of vinification characterizes the current wines of Johanneshof Reinisch. Johannes Reinisch is the father of two children and is, therefore—assuming the family history doesn’t take an unexpected turn—currently raising the next generation of vintners at the Johanneshof.

Christian Reinisch

With the 2004 Zweigelt Frauenfeld, Christian Reinisch produced the first wine made completely according to his ideas, and in doing so he took first place in the Thermenregion winemaking region as a newcomer. Christian Reinisch is not only successful as a vintner, but is also particularly devoted to the guests during Heurigen opening periods at Johanneshof Reinisch.

Michael Reinisch

Michael ReinischAfter graduating from high school, Michael Reinisch studied international wine management at the Polytechnic Academy in Eisenstadt, and he can also look back on international practical training experiences during his education. At the Johanneshof he works both as a vintner and in management. He is particularly dedicated to the Steingarten vineyard in Tattendorf, from which he takes grapes for a very good Burgundy cuvée which has been highly praised by the press. He has also already produced a Gumpoldskirchen-terroir Zierfandler. Since Michael Reinisch is the youngest of the vintners currently working at the Johanneshof, his wines bear the title “JR-Junior.”