The Gumpoldskirchen terroir


Spiegel Vineyard (on the map 1)

This 2.5 hectare site is situated in the middle of Gumpoldskirchen's top winegrowing area at an elevation between 260 and 320 metres quite remarkable for this region. The slope has an incline of 20% and faces the southeast, creating a funnel that offers the plants an extraordinary amount of warmth and sunlight. The soil has a high storage capacity for heat. This lime gravel with a covering of sandy loam is perfectly suited for varietals such as Zierfandler and Rotgipfler. This truly exceptional vineyard is one of the most venerable in the region and has been cultivated by Johanneshof Reinisch since 2006.

Satzing Vineyard (2)

A Gumpoldskirchen vineyard featuring limestone and brown-earth soil with loamy clay. The low-lying weathering rock ensures good storage capacity and a quick warming of the soil. This Grand Cru site faces south and borders on the Vienna Woods. This results in rapid warming during the day and a marked cooling-off during the night. The correspondingly large temperature fluctuations promote the distinct fruit aromas during the ripening phase. Satzing Vineyard is planted to Rotgipfler.

Grillenhügel (3)

Between Guntramsdorf and Mödling at the foot of Anninger Mountain, at an elevation of some 300 metres. The loamy sand soil with lime inclusions is home to quite an interesting clone mixture of Pinot Noir vines of French, German and Austrian origin. The plants are over 20 years old.

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